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Running After Revolution

We have been living in a world of lies. Nothing is true what we hear on the TV, what we read on the newspaper. Our lives are not on our control.

I will tell you a short story about a hero tonight. I should ask you first: What does Ernesto Che Guevera mean for you? When I mention his name, the conversation starts to smell revelation,doesn’t it? The person who I tell you today is Deniz Gezmis, one of the most important revolutionary in the Turkey history.


I remember my twentieth birthday: I was feeling like a nothing, still under the protection of my family. You know, at Turkey, your age is not a big point for the people. Even if you have a proper job to live your own life, it doesn’t matter for your parents; you are still a little child for them until you marry . I was this kind of person. I had no job, was not a student, as I said before I was absolutely nothing. Even though I was reading a lot, I was feeling wired to my family.


Imagine a person, who is chairing hundreds of student in the university on twenties. This person is founding organizations and directing people to the revolution. When he is under surveillance, escaping and going for another country to take a guerilla training. Kidnapping people to stay against to imperialism. While doing this kind of things, he is not killing anyone because cares life of human. And when he is 25, executed by hanging and his last words show to us, he still has a brave before the execution: “Long live independence for the people of Turkey. Long live the great ideology of Marxist-Leninism. Long live the brotherhood of Turkish and Kurdish people. Damned be imperialism.”

When I think about him, I shame on myself. He was dead for his country on his 25  to make it livable, when he was younger than me… What about me, Why I am so hopeless? I have been questioning myself for a long time. What do you think? There is still any hope?